Splatoon 3

Welcome To

Splatsville, the city of chaos, is the adrenaline-fueled heart of the dusty Splatlands. The folks who live here are a little rowdier than what you might find in far-away Inkopolis.

A yellow-haired Inkling girl jumps and aims her Stringer weapon, similar to a bow.

This is an Inkling

These trendy cephalopods can transform from kid to squid…and back. (Whoa.)

A blue-haired Octoling boy fires a large splash of Ink in the middle of battle.

… And This is an Octoling

Same deal, different species. Play as either!

A yellow Inkling in swim form leaps a great distance.
Blue-haired Octoling Shiver, yellow-haired Inkling Frye, and manta ray Big Man hold their signature pose: three fingers on each hand pointing down.

Tune in to Deep Cut

Catch the latest happenings from Shiver, Frye, and Big Man. Sit tight and watch or keep ‘em on in the background as you do your thing around Splatsville.

Things to do
Around Town

See and be seen at some of Splatsville’s hottest spots.

  • Main Square

    Roam around Splatsville to hit up the shops, chat with the locals, and tinker with your gear in between battles.

  • Lobby

    Check in for online* battles here. You can even get in some target practice at the test range before your match.

  • Grizzco Industries

    Now hiring for Salmon Run jobs! Walk up any time.

  • The Shoal

    Set up yer local multiplayer** battles here.

Battle stages

Ink, dive, swim, and splat across all-new stages mixed in with some familiar favorites. Stages rotate every two hours. Look for new additions over time!

A yellow-haired Inkling gets ready to slosh their bucket-like weapon.A blue-haired Inkling readies their scoped Charger weapon.

Assemble your

There’s more than one way to splat with others.

Online play

Jump online* to compete against players near and far.

Four people connect online to play with their Nintendo Switch family system.

Local wireless

Connect** up to eight systems to play Turf War battles with (and against) your friends. (One player per system.)

Two women in the same room connect their systems over local wireless to play.

LAN play

For super-competitive players, you can even host your own Splatoon 3 tournaments using a wired LAN connection*** for up to eight systems (one per player), plus two spectator slots for a unique look at the action. Fresh!

A docked Nintendo Switch system is connected via wired LAN.
A yellow-haired Inkling girl does a sweet flip while blasting three ink jets from their bow-like Stringer weapon.
Image of the SplatNet 3 home screen

SplatNet 3 at your service

Access SplatNet 3 in the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app to see stats and stage schedules, order special gear, or get together with your squid squad and chat during certain online modes.

You'll need a free Nintendo Account and paid Nintendo Switch Online membership to access online services, including the smart device app.

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