Splatoon 3

How to play

Catch up on the basics and explore the many exciting ways to play that’ll have you hooked.

Three Inklings and Octolings have fun colliding into a colorful, inky mess.


You gotta learn to swim before you can Squid Roll.

Ink can go on many walls and surfaces.


Splash the stuff all over the place using your weapons. Sure, you can splat opponents, but ink can do so much more. Go ahead—get messy!

Change into the squid-like swim form at any time.


Change into Swim Form to move waaay fast through your own ink color. This’ll let you climb walls covered in ink, zip through fences, refill your ink tank, and more. If you stay still, you’ll be (pretty much) invisible—sneaky, sneaky!

Opponents you splat will explode into your ink color before re-entering the match.


Take out the other team by blasting them with ink. They’ll be back in action soon, so watch out!

Slick Moves

The residents of Splatsville have a few new techniques up their tentacles.

Aim your launcher before entering the stage with Squid Spawn.

Squid Spawn

Choose your landing spot with greater precision when launching into a stage.

Squid Surge will launch you high into the air.

Squid Surge

Scale walls quickly by charging up in the ink and blasting yourself upward. You can get some sick air this way, or even surprise other players!

Use Squid Roll to dodge ink and offset damage in swim form.

Squid Roll

Zig when they think you’ll zag! Make a quick jump in the opposite direction while swimming through ink to keep ‘em guessing.

Battle it out Online

Give it your all in these competitive 4-vs-4 modes*.

Turf War battles are decided by which team has covered the most turf in their color.

Chaotic Turf War battles are extremely popular in the Splatlands.

See which stages are currently in rotation as you wait for all players to join.

Turf War

Beloved by squiddos everywhere, Turf War pits two teams in a battle to cover the most ground with their ink color.

The Clam Blitz battle mode tasks teams with finding and depositing clams into the team's goal.

Anarchy Battle

Put your rank on the line during rotating rounds of Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker, and Clam Blitz.

X Battle logo

X Battle

High-ranked players battle it out for X Power—and glory.

Image of a yellow Inkling on the move.Image of a blue Octoling looking to splat an Inkling with a Roller weapon.

Square off in Splatfest Events

Party it up, Splatsville style! Choose one of three sides and get ready to splat it out for total victory**.

Peep the events page
In Tricolor Battles, four players on the leading team attempt to hold ground against two players from each of the other two teams.
Screenshot of a chaotic Tricolor Battle.

Agent 3 and Smallfry explore varied environments and tackle strategic combat challenges.

Story Mode: “Return of the Mammalians”

Join Agent 3 and the New Squidbeek Splatoon in a hairy fight against the unruly Octarians. Discover the secrets of Alterna and the Fuzzy Ooze in this chunky offline adventure full of exciting action, memorable characters, and mysterious mysteries. Follow the sketchy figure down the Splatlandian sewars to get started!

Image of Smallfry. You can customize their appearance in game.

Aww, check out this li'l buddy

Salmonid partner Smallfry joins you on your adventure. Yeet ‘em at enemies and stuff you need help with. They’re a real team player!

Work Together in Salmon Run

Four players (one per system) can team up any time to fend off waves of dangerous (and sometimes giant) Salmonid bosses in Salmon Run*. Fling Golden Eggs, take on new boss forms, and work together on your way toward earning sweet rewards.

Screenshot of Salmonids invading the Wahoo World battle stage.

Big Run, coming through!

Oh snap! During this special event, team up to fend off Salmonids overwhelming a regular battle stage. Get to work!