Nintendo Switch Online

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Access SplatNet 2 to see stats and stage schedules, or get together with your squid squad and chat during certain online modes with the new app.


How good are you?

Find out—and show your friends—with SplatNet 2. View your stats for past online matches, see your single-player records, check your ranking, and more.

Plus, you can show off your stats and your gear on social media.

Get the freshest gear

Stop by the shop in SplatNet 2 to order special gear for your Inkling.

Plan ahead with stage schedules

Find out which online multiplayer stages will be rotated in over the next 24 hours.

Online Invites

Get your squad together

You can use the app to send play invitations to friends who have the game in multiple ways, including social media.

Once the invite is sent, each player will receive an instant alert on their smart device so they can join the battle right away.

Voice chat

Chat while you splat

Use the app to chat with friends who also have the app during Private Battles, League Battles, Splatfest Battles, and Salmon Run.

While you’re in the lobby before or after a match, chat is open to everyone. During battle, the app will automatically switch to team voice chat, so you can coordinate your strategy without the other team listening in.

Nintendo Account

You'll need a Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch Online membership to access online services, including the smart device app.