Version 4.1.0 has arrived

Version 4.1.0 has arrived

Version 4.1 arrives October 2 at 7pm PT, bringing with it the second batch of Kensa Collection weapons.

Kensa Collection

This is a special line in which familiar weapons are equipped with different subs and specials. This time all 4 weapons will have either the new Fizzy Bomb sub or the new Booyah Bomb special!

Fizzy Bomb

The existence of a brand-new sub weapon, the Fizzy Bomb, was confirmed in the Ver. 4 trailer! Once you activate it, you can shake it like a can of pop (or soda depending on your geography) to generate power!

Booyah Bomb

The new Special Weapon is called the Booyah Bomb. Summon a powerful ball of ink, and then unleash it at your opponents for a big inkplosion. Once activated, charge it up faster by signaling "Booyah!" Teammates can also get a small bonus to their special meter with "Booyah!" rally cries of their own!

Once the update is available, full details on other changes in the Ver. 4.1 update can be viewed at the Nintendo support sitelink opens in a new window.