Version 4.0.0 has arrived

Version 4.0.0 has arrived

Version 4.0.0 is coming! New weapon sets, part of the Kensa Collection, arrive tonight. In addition, Splatfests have been refreshed with new features, and new sub and special weapons are on the way soon.

Kensa Collection

These beauties are from the Kensa Collection, a special-ordered line of new weapons based on ones you might recognize. The weapons are painted with monotone designs created by the gear brand Toni Kensa. They include the collection's signature red laundry clip. This first Kensa Collection will be released today.


Starting with Ver. 4.0.0, Splatfests in Splatoon 2 will also be changed significantly. Two new modes, Normal and Pro, replace the previous Solo and Team modes.

Team Selection

In Normal mode, you can jump into a Splatfest Battle on your own or join up with one to three friends from the same Splatfest team. If you join a match as a group of two or three, random solo players will be matched up to make a group of four.


In this mode, the amount you ink is added to any win bonus you get to determine your clout. If your team is on a win streak, the game will try and match you against teams with a similar streak.

Team nicknames

Moreover, when weapons, gear, or general styles of four players in your team meet certain conditions, a nickname and a matching bonus will be given to your team.

Pro explanation

Pro mode is for those who want to go solo and push themselves to the limit. In Pro mode, you're judged on your Splatfest Power. Raise it high enough and you could make it into the Splatfest Top 100! In this mode, you increase your clout by beating the opposing team. You get more clout for beating teams with a higher Splatfest Power.

10x Battle

In addition to the above, 10x Battles will be added in both divisions. These are rare matches that will occur if you are lucky, and if you win, your contribution points will be multiplied by 10! And believe it or not, there is a rumor that super rare 100x Battles could also occur!

10x match winners

If your friend wins a 10x Battle or if someone wins a 100x match, teams may appear on the big screen in Inkopolis Square. Also, if you're in the lobby or during matchmaking, such information will pop up on your game screen like a news flash. Team nicknames are also shown in Regular mode, so you may want to try scoring a cool team name and winning these rare matches for bragging rights!

The final Splatfest results are now decided based on three factors: votes, clout from Normal-mode players, and clout from Pro-mode players.

Even if your side loses the popularity contest, Normal and Pro-mode victories can slowly but surely turn the tables! Of course, participants on the winning side will receive slightly more Super Sea Snails as a reward for their victory! Good luck!