The final Splatfest is coming this July

The final Splatfest is coming this July

We have some brand new details about the final Splatfest for Splatoon 2. At the Splatoon 2 World Championship 2019, the producer of Splatoon 2, Mr. Nogami, took to the stage to introduce the dramatic, thematic theme of the game's final Splatfest.

The question, friends, is a doozy: What world would you choose? Chaos or Order. Truly the Splatocalypse is upon us!

Chaos vs. Order

The in-game event will be held for 72 hours from July 18 through July 21st. To mark this historic occasion, there will be some notable changes from previous Splatfests.

Shifty Station

In addition to a new Shifty Station stage, all the Shifty Stations stages that appeared in past Splatfests will be playable.

In-game gear will also be distributed in honor of this Splatfest. Stay tuned to your Nintendo Switch news feed on your device for more info on how to get your gear once it becomes available.

Private battles

Sometime after the Splatfest in late July, there will be an update to the game that adds "Turf War (Splatfest)" to the Private Battle option. With this new mode, players will get to enjoy Turf War on 24 Shifty Station stages including the newest version that will playable in the final Splatfest.

That's a lot to ink about! And of course, while your regularly scheduled Splatfests may be ending, the normal online service of Splatoon 2 will continue onwards.

Thank you for all your support, fellow Inklings and Octolings. We hope you enjoy these updates.