It's an anniversary Splatfest

It's an anniversary Splatfest

July 21, 2018, marks the first anniversary of Splatoon 2, and we're celebrating with a global Splatfest! Which sea creature is your favorite? Squid or Octopus? This hotly contested Splatfest runs Friday, July 20, at 9:00pm PT through Saturday, July 21, at 9:00pm PT.

Inklings vs. Octolings

To make the event more special, players on Team Squid will play as Inklings and players on Team Octopus will play as Octolings. Even if you don't have the Octo Expansion, if you're reppin' Team Octopus, you'll play as Octolings. On the other hand, those fighting for Team Squid will play as Inklings even if their usual character is set to Octoling.

By the way, your appearance will only change during Splatfest battles. In the Square, you'll appear as your usual rad self.

Which team will be declared the winner in this cephalopod conflict? Will you take your time and deliberate on which team to pick? Or are you ready to declare Muck Warfare?

Note: Due to the global nature of this Splatfest, Judd and Li'l Judd will need additional time to calculate the results, so look for them to be posted Sunday, July 22.