Take a sneak peek at upcoming stages and weapons

Take a sneak peek at upcoming stages and weapons

Back by popular demand, it's Kelp Dome!

Kelp Dome

This modernized agricultural facility allows crops to be harvested in all seasons. The boundaries of the dome and the inner, maze-like structure of the facility are covered in ink-resistant glass. You can make your way to the center by circling around the perimeter or you can take the high road on the grated catwalks to get straight into the action.

You'll also notice a few additions to the stage, like extra grates to slip through and a bit of added turf on each side. Be careful on the catwalks though. There's no place to hide up there! The Kelp Dome stage will be available to play the evening of Friday, September 15.

And coming in future updates... introducing Snapper Canal.

Snapper Canal

This stage has a river running right down the middle! The key to victory? Breaking into the central area and pushing through to the other team's base.

We're also introducing a new Brella weapon: the Tenta Brella!

Tenta Brella

It's like a regular umbrella, but looks like a big camping tent capable of guarding a large area. We will continue to research this weapon. Marshmallows and hot dogs may be involved.