New Weapon Alert: Sorella Brella

New Weapon Alert: Sorella Brella

The Sorella Brella has arrived at Ammo Knights!

Sorella Brella

This polka-dotted wonder has the same stats as the Splat Brella, but just look at that style! Nothing spotty about it...besides the spots. Rounding out the kit are Autobombs to find lurking opponents, and the Splat-Bomb Launcher to help push the front lines forward. This kit is recommended for aggressive players who want to support their team.

Piranha Pit

Also, a fan favorite stage has re-opened for battle! Piranha Pit, located in a mysterious quarry, is famous for its industrial style and tricky conveyor belts. It's hard to convey just how important the conveyor belts are, so perhaps you should experience it for yourself. Wapow!