New Weapon Alert: Dark Tetra Dualies

New Weapon Alert: Dark Tetra Dualies

It's a two-for-one deal on updates!

Goby Arena

The first update is a b-ball revelation. The Goby Arena stage definitively proves that Inklings play basketball—something that researchers have often argued about. The arena has all the comforts of a modern stadium: a full-size locker room, polished wooden court, concession stands, jumbotron, VIP seating, and swag shop.

Just like in normal basketball, controlling the space around the two hoops will be key.

Dark Tetra Dualies

Also available today are the Dark Tetra Dualies. It's an intimidating name to be sure, but this four-nozzle wonder also lets you execute up to four dodge rolls in a row! Rounding out the kit is the Autobomb sub weapon (to sniff out sneaky enemies) and the Splashdown special (to launch an attack from above). In other words, this is a kit meant for players who like to surprise their enemies.