Gear-up at the Galleria

The Galleria mall is the place to be for Inklings in the know. Head there to upgrade your look and your firepower.

Shopping tip: Most of the shops change inventory each day, so check back often.

Ammo Knights

Your one-stop weapon shop.


Horseshoe crab and weapon expert.

Ammo Knights

Your one-stop weapon shop.

Choose the right weapon loadout to make the biggest splash. Each weapon set has three components: a main, sub, and special.

  • Shooters, Rollers, Chargers, Dualies, Splatlings... there are lots to choose from.

  • Unleash bombs and sprinklers to create paths or traps.

  • Once your Special Meter is maxed out, you’re ready to set off your special weapon.

Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe

Look good, splat better.


He keeps his tentacles on the latest fashions.

Gear doesn’t just change your look—each item also comes with a boost called a Gear Ability. These can let you swim faster, use less ink to shoot, use your special weapon more often, and many more.


Hats, helmets, headbands... you get the drift.

Flow & Craymond

A sea slug with a head for hats...and a shrimp.

Pro tip: The more you wear a piece of gear, the more ability slots it will get…and the more it’ll help you in battle!

Shella Fresh

Foot-forward fashion.


This spider crab is crazy for kicks.

Shopping tip: Coordinating gear from the same brand may give you a boost—try it out and see.

Meet Murch

This young fella is a total wiz when it comes to Gear Abilities. Talk to him about adding more ability slots to your stuff.

He can also perform a special process called “gear scrubbing,” if you want to really get strategic with your abilities. Boo-yah.

The Crust Bucket

Snack time!

Crusty Sean

A shrimp with a taste for fried food.

Splatting the competition is hard work. Take a break for a snack or drink right here—they’re served with some special extras.

They take the tickets you earn in Octo Canyon as payment, so don’t show up empty-handed.