Hey squiddo!

Tour Inkopolis Square to see how stylish Inklings spend their time.

First stop: Deca Tower

Online multiplayer starts here.

Regular Battle is all about Turf War

The biggest game around is Turf War, where teams of four face off for three-minute, ink-slinging battles. The winning team is the one to cover the most ground in their color.

Turf Wars

Turf War Stages

Turf War stages rotate every two hours to really mix things up.


A cool cat.
Also a Turf War judge.

Judd and L’il

Li’l Judd

The fuzzy new judge in town.

Use your squid skills, playah

Turn into a squid to swim quickly through ink, hide, and ambush foes!

You can also find shortcuts in squid form so you can reach new spots to lay down ink.

Introducing the hottest new hosts in Inkopolis:

Pearl and Marina!


Pearl and Marina will let you know about special Turf War events called (you guessed it) Splatfests.

Choose a side in a super-important contest (like cake vs. ice cream!), then get ready to splat it out for total victory.

Ranked Battles

Make your rep in Ranked Battles

Once you’ve reached level 10 in Turf War battles, you can get in on serious ranked action. Work your way up from C- based on how your team does.

Splat Zones

Cover certain parts of the map with your ink—and keep ‘em covered.

Tower Control

Ride a moving tower into enemy territory.


Carry a special weapon called the Rainmaker to the enemy base.

League Battles

When you get to a rank of B- in any Ranked Battle mode, you can join League Battles.

These 2-hour battles let competitive players show off serious skills in Ranked Battle modes—without risking their individual level.

Nintendo Switch Online

Splat it out online with a

free trial!

Sign up on Nintendo eShop on your device for a free 7-day trial or become a member so you can jump into Turf War, voice chat via the app*, and more.

In order to use this app, players need to link their Nintendo Account to their Nintendo Switch system, have a smart device capable of in-game voice chat, and a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Data fees may apply.

Get a job, squid:
Apply at Grizzco Industries for co-op play

Salmon Run is the most popular gig in town. Two to four team members must work together to fend off waves of enemy Salmonids while collecting valuable Golden Eggs.

Mr. Grizz

Mr. Grizz

He’s a bear statue. That talks.

Infiltrate Octo Canyon

Fight the Octarian menace and save the squidnapped Great Zapfish in this in-depth single-player mode.


Look, it’s Marie!

She’s pretty famous, you know.

Where’s Callie?

Maybe you’ll find some clues down in Octo Canyon. See what we know so far in Squid Sisters Stories: Top-secret report from the Inkling world