Agent 8 stands in the center of a bleached Inkopolis Square, with the Pearl drone above and the Spire of Order looming behind her.

Splatoon 3 – Expansion pass - Inkopolis & Side Order DLC

Wave 2 Side Order

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Take a deeper dive into the expansive world and colorful characters of the Splatoon™ series with the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass – Inkopolis & Side Order paid DLC*.

Challenge yourself to Side Order, a new single-player experience that’s designed to be replayed over and over.

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Trapped in a world of Order

As Agent 8, you wake up to discover Inkopolis Square has been drained of color and its residents have gone missing. Looming over the city is the ominous Spire of Order.

Along with Pearl, fight off waves of enemies in floor after floor of challenges on your way to the top of the Spire and learn its secrets.

Gallery of in-game screenshots showcasing story and gameplay elements.

Who’s who

Get to know some of the characters trapped here.

Agent 8

A young Octoling who defected from the Octarians.

Boy version of Agent 8 in their pale Spire of Order outfit holding a pale Splatana Stamper weapon.Girl version of Agent 8 in their pale Spire of Order outfit holding a pair of pale Dualie weapons.


A flying drone claiming to be Pearl, a member of the popular band Off the Hook. While it does seem to be Pearl in there, it's not clear how she came to take this form.

A round drone with a crown and other features that resemble Off the Hook member Pearl.


An Octarian who wandered into this world before Agent 8. They’ve been able to gather deets about the Spire and the color chips. While they assist Agent 8 in their journey, Acht’s true goal remains a mystery.

Acht is a green-skinned Octoling with red glasses, a black dress, and accessories that scream DJ.

Off the Hook

Megastar musicians who once hosted Inkopolis News. You’d think they’d be mad busy every day because of their world tour...

Marina wears a stunning orange pantsuit with stylish blue heels, and Pearl wears a white puffy outfit that appears inspired by a space suit.

Aim for the top

The Spire of Order is a strange place. Each floor is full of danger and, somehow, changes each time you enter the tower.

Going up

The only way up the Spire is by elevator. Completing the challenge on a floor allows Agent 8 to ride up to the next. Of course, the higher they go, the harder the challenges get...

Agent 8 and the Pearl Drone wait in front of a steel elevator door.

School’s in

These weird-looking fish creatures are in relentless pursuit of Agent 8. Whatever they are, they’ve never been seen before.

A school of skeletal-like machine fish with red eyes and surrounded by a dark substance.

Diabolical challenge

Agent 8 might need more than just skill to conquer the increasingly difficult floors on their way to the top of the Spire of Order.

Floor selection: In the elevator, the player has three options, Easy, Normal, and Hard, each with their own challenge. Rewards include color chips and currency.

What’s an Octoling to do?

your odds

The higher up you go, the steeper the challenges get. Here are some ways you can improve your chances of making it to the top.


Power up with color chips

Completing challenges earns color chips. These can boost your abilities—like attack power, speed, range, and luck—when they’re added to a Palette. Depending on which color chips you choose and apply, the same weapon can evolve in different ways to suit your style. Plus, both Agent 8 and Pearl can take advantage of color chips.

Empty and occupied color chip slots line the bottom of a menu screen. An Ink Damage color chip is selected, reading “Increased damage dealt by your weapons and the Pearl Drone.” To the side, locked content reads “Set 3 in your Palette to unlock.”

Pick up palettes

Obtaining a new Palette lets you use a different weapon. Collecting ‘em opens up the number of strategies that are available to you for attacking the Spire.

Pearl's Palette: Shows equipped color chips and their effects, including Power and Support.

Hack with Prlz

If you fail, your color chips will be converted to Prlz. These can be spent to hack the Spire to try to make the next run a little easier.

Menu of hacking options for the player and Pearl Drone, including increases to Max Lives, Damage Reduction, Drone Action Slots, and more.

What else is in the Expansion Pass?

Inkopolis Plaza at night during a Splatfest. The city is vibrant with neon player artwork. Callie and Marie perform on individual stages on the left and right sides of the plaza.

Inkopolis Plaza

Return to Inkopolis Plaza, the bustling city center from the original Splatoon game, and make it your main hub!

Another major metropolis of the Splatoon universe, Inkopolis has changed a bit in the past several years with some new shopkeepers.

Ready to jam? Then come to Inkopolis to see some fresh Squid Sisters performances during Splatfests**!

Cipher, a slim and elongated white creature with large blue eyes, shows off items for sale. Categories shown include decorations, stickers, banners, and gear.

Cipher’s Siftings

This new item shop is run by Cipher, a resident of the world of Order. Spend Prlz on in-game items like stickers, gear, and collectibles.

Two Inklings wear select in-game gear themed after Side Order, including Agent 8’s full outfit and a headband featuring a plush Pearl Drone. A collage of pale weapons surrounds them.

Replica Gear and Weapons

Progress through Side Order to unlock replicas of what you’ll find in the Spire of Order. You can use this stuff in Turf War and Anarchy Battle.

Bonus items

Get a content pack that contains battle-boosting bonus in-game items. Snag ‘em from the Lobby.

Earn My Nintendo Gold Points

Purchase the digital version to earn points you can use toward your next game or DLC!

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Only on the Nintendo Switch™ system

The Splatoon 3 game is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch family of systems.