The Age-Old War betweenInklings and

Sometimes Inklings fight for fun, and sometimes they fight in earnest. The history of war between Inklings and Octarians is a long one. Here's a breakdown of that history and its unsung heroes.


Creatures From Long Ago

Around 12,000 years ago

The world is in a tight spot!

In this world, sea levels have risen due to environmental destruction and climate change. Surveying the state of affairs, a professor predicts the extinction of humankind. He puts , his cat, into a cryogenic sleep capsule to save him. He gives Judd medicine to make him immortal, then sets the capsule to wake him after 10,000 years. The professor also included a sample of Judd's cells in the capsule in case he didn't survive.

An archival photo shows Judd's cat ears peeking through the window of a cryogenic sleep capsule

Squid Evolution and Migration

The rising seas eventually annihilate the human species, along with almost all other land-dwelling creatures. After some time, a highly intelligent squid species emerges. This species migrates onto land, and they eventually develop the ability to switch into a humanoid form.

An illustration shows a squid-like creature evolving over time into more human-like formAn archival photo shows Judd being held by the professor, who’s making a V sign with his fingers.