Squid Sisters

These superstars single-handedly brought idol music back to centerstage, winning the hearts of countless fans in the process.

Imagine a world in which acoustic songs were popular and pop idols, well, weren't. The Squid Sisters couldn't! Thankfully, once fans got an earful of their catchy style and contrasting personalities—and an eyefulof their synchronized dance moves—the pop-idol genre came roaring back to life.

Squid Sisters

Off the Hook

By the power of rap music and turntable wizardry combined, this duo created a whole new sound!

When these two met, they were both still struggling artists. But it turned out the secret to their success was each other! When thumping bass and triumphant rhythm meet powerful singing and songwriting, everyone wins.

Off the Hook

Deep Cut

A trio known for chaotic collaboration and smooth sounds.

With influences from a wide variety of cultures and musical styles, Deep Cut is known for its chaotic blend of tones and melodies that somehow combine into a cohesive sound. The rhythm of the music echoes the heart-pounding passion of music festivals and always gets the crowd going!

Deep Cut

A new generation of music infiltrates the airwaves, succeeding the last generation of pop and idol songs.

Inklings are always on the lookout for the next hot sound, and they collectively jumped at Squid Squad's extremely fresh style of music. Fast beats and magnificent melodies always get the tentacles a-tapping, and before long, new bands were lining up to get in on the action.

After Squid Squad: A fresh beginning

Two years after Squid Squad revolutionized music, a new generation of artists began to emerge. This group of talented musicians followed in the footsteps of its predecessors but also began a revolution in the genre. By this point, Inklings were ready for the next big thing, so the new sounds and rhythms found an enthusiastic audience.

The new wave Octoling sound... Discordant or harmonic?

As more Octolings emerged, their influence became widespread—and not just musically! The distinct Octoling vibe drew a lot of attention and spawned fans and imitators across the scene.


Behind the scenes